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With a Snow Melt System from Epic Heating & Cooling, there’s no need to venture out in cold weather to shovel the driveway or pathways. Eliminate the work, safety hazard, damage, and property managements costs caused by a buildup of snow and ice. Functioning during times of severe weather, snow melt systems extend the life of concrete, asphalt or pavers, by avoiding the use of salts/deicing chemicals, and damage caused by service vehicles.

Snow Melt System Installation in Schaumburg & the Surrounding Areas

Automatically activating in response to freezing temperatures and precipitation, the system operates only when necessary to minimize energy use. A high limit thermostat maximize efficiency by shutting down the system once the area has reached ideal snow melting temperature. These innovative systems add up to a cost effective, convenient, and extremely helpful solution to winter conditions in Schaumburg & the Surrounding Areas.

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The professionals from Epic Heating & Cooling will help you determine the right snow melt solution for your specific needs. Hydronic and electric snow melting systems provide specific benefits for all types of applications. Designing your system to ensure low maintenance and high efficiency, Epic Heating & Cooling handles accurate and prompt installation. As a small business, we devote our resources and expertise to your project, and deliver the results you’re looking for throughout Schaumburg, IL, Arlington Heights, IL, Hoffman Estates, IL, Palatine, IL & Elk Grove Village, IL.

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