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Epic Heating & Cooling puts you in control of your indoor environment. No matter the challenge, we have an effective solution to indoor air quality, creating healthier and more comfortable homes and businesses in Schaumburg & the Surrounding Areas. As a smaller business, we don’t offer generic recommendations, but customize a strategy to target your specific concerns. Our qualified technicians help you determine the right course of action, handle installation of whole-home air quality accessories, and ensure sustainable improvement.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Our clients rely on us for honest, professional, and knowledgeable indoor air quality service throughout Schaumburg, IL, Arlington Heights, IL, Hoffman Estates, IL, Palatine, IL & Elk Grove Village, IL. Family oriented, we never underestimate the impact and importance of indoor air quality, and focus our resources on resolving issues that can result in health risks, property damage, discomfort, higher energy costs, and HVAC wear and tear. Through a comprehensive selection of technologically advanced air quality products, we optimize your indoor environment. Rely on Epic Heating & Cooling, deal directly with the owner, and benefit from our best, every time.

Epic Heating & Cooling specializes in industry leading air quality products, including:

Humidifiers – Issues such as dry skin, sore throat, itchy eyes, frizzy hair, frequent headaches, chapped lips, bloody noses, static cling, static shocks, and cracks in woodwork can often be blamed on overly dry air. A humidifier introduces needed moisture and maintains optimum relative humidity levels throughout the home. These innovative options not only operate quietly and require little maintenance, but provide superior comfort at lower thermostat settings, saving you money all winter long.

Dehumidifiers – Instead of overcooling the home to get rid of that overheated, sticky feeling, a dehumidifier removes excess moisture to improve comfort and allow higher thermostat settings. Handling the entire home, the unit works either in partnership with or independent from your HVAC system, allowing personalized settings. Because moist environments are ideal for mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, and insect infestation, regulating humidity is essential to both health and comfort.

Air Cleaners – While a tightly sealed home combats energy waste, it also traps contaminants indoors, creating a stale and unhealthy environment. An air cleaner effectively cleans the air in the whole home multiple times per day, capturing pollen, dust, dander, spores, bacteria, fumes, and particulate that irritates symptoms of allergy, asthma, and respiratory infections. Not only will you benefit from a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable home, but you’ll also protect the condition and operation of HVAC equipment.

UV Lights – The damp, dark environment in HVAC duct systems and air conditioner cooling coils provides the perfect habitat for mold, bacteria, viruses, and yeast, which can become airborne and circulated throughout the home. Germicidal UV lights attack these issues at the source, protecting air quality as well as the efficient and reliable operation of HVAC equipment. Found in hospitals for sterilization purposes, UV lights save money while ensuring a healthier indoor environment.

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