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If you are looking to improve your heating and cooling system’s efficiency, turn to Epic Heating & Cooling. We use the ACCA -approved Manual J Load Calculations to design heating and cooling systems for homes. This specific protocol (often called “Heat Load Calculation” or “Cooling Load Calculation”) determines how much heating and cooling a space needs to stay comfortable all year long. Developed by engineers and used for decades, this report can help you to determine the right size of equipment for your home’s or business’s needs.

Improve Your Indoor Comfort with Manual J Load Calculation

When it comes to indoor comfort, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Too large of a furnace will constantly cycle on and off, putting wear and tear on components and failing to reach peak efficiency levels. We’ll analyze your home and its unique construction features, including window sizes and types, insulation values, ceiling heights, attics, crawl spaces, basements and ductwork. Be assured that you have the right size HVAC equipment by calling Epic Heating & Cooling.

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