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Every HVAC system must be tailored to the space in which it is set to operate. The dimensions, layout, orientation, and other characteristics of the place must be considered. Otherwise, the system will not be able to produce the output required. It will either be too low or too high. Both of these have undesirable consequences. When the structure changes, so too must the HVAC system. Epic Heating & Cooling provides heating and cooling installation services after remodeling & room additions in Schaumburg & the Surrounding Areas.


The old installation was fine for the original structure. Now that you have added new rooms or renovated the attic into a usable space, the system might prove to be inadequate. It would depend on the extent of the changes. If these are minor compared to the rest of the house, then perhaps no change is necessary. However, introducing a substantial percentage of floor space is a major transformation. It must be dealt with through an appropriate adjustment.


The new rooms will not be felt much during mild weather. There should be adequate power to keep every corner comfortable in the spring and autumn. It’s the winter and summer that presents the greatest challenges. These two extremes will test the limits of the HVAC system. If it is not reconfigured correctly, then you will feel hot despite the AC going on full blast.


Allow us at Epic Heating & Cooling to develop ways to match your system with the remodeled space. As much as possible, we will create a design that will produce a big impact with minimal modifications. It will be a cost-effective and highly efficient solution.

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